Ad Astra ★★★★

What a beautiful movie. Really wish I had seen this one in theaters. Don’t particularly feel one way or the other toward the film’s “ultimate message.” Maybe on the second watch I will. I was just so blown away by how it looked, the way it was paced, the relationship between brad and his dad. Also this movie got me thinking a lot about the certain risks composers can take when they’re doing a sci-fi score. Other composer note: Like him or not, Hans Zimmer changed the game with Interstellar. (That organ-y sound. Space Movies love that sound). 

Anyway. This might be one of my favorites of 2019. Can’t wait to watch again. So many questions about the production design, too! I want to know about everything. Those sleek moon/Mars rovers that also felt very retro? The matte gold? Loved all that.

Edit: love in a space movie when the sound’s whole message is like “REMEMBER???? It’s quiet in space!! You probably forgot!! It’s science!! But we remembered.” It should feel cliche at this point to have the scene: “something big is happening in space, but because of the science of sound, it’s actually very quiet and muffled.” It plays big but it doesn’t get old! In this film when they were shooting guns at each other during that pirate chase scene? Classic space sound stuff.