Hair ★★

It’s not a great movie. The music in Hair is REALLY good though. the plot in the movie is stupid, so, IMO, I’d just listen to the original Broadway soundtrack if I were you. The Broadway soundtrack is from 1968 but it still rocks. The revival soundtrack is also really good. (I prefer the revival version of Aquarius, the opening number.) (Please go listen to that right now. Some of the best singing I’ve ever heard...ever.)

The musical numbers are GOOD in this. (Like, listen to this and tell me this doesn’t RIP. Also $50 says you already recognize this song.) 

You could even watch this movie and just skip to the musical numbers (which is what I did tonight). A lot of the songs aren’t too long either, which is nice. It’s a ROCK musical for sure and one thing I love about the movie version of this musical is you can REALLY hear the bass during the songs. And the bass player is...whew, man. The bass is so good in these songs. The bass player definitely needed to take a nap after a few of these numbers.