Scott Pilgrim vs. the World ★★★★★

This is the pop palette cleanser I needed after watching Ready Player One. 

This movie does video games so much better than Ready Player One. Its references don’t lie in dialogue. Just sound and visuals. Like, clearly Mega Scott is the boss level, but no one is ever like, “It’s the boss!” and Scott levels up, hits combos, there are scenes that are direct nods to video games. But no one is ever like, “This is just like Street Fighter!” Or “Nice! I leveled up!” During Ready Player One I just wanted to yell, “Oh my god just SHUT UP. SHUT UP EVERYONE.” And not just video games! The Seinfeld bassline! And the subsequent laugh track sequence! We know! We get it! We get what that means just from noises!!! And Michael Cera’s sitcom-Esque physicality!!! Sorry I just have a lot of feelings