• Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    those last five seconds destroyed me. i want more. im begging

  • Nomadland



    home is it just a word?
    or is it something you carry within you?

    watching this movie is like going on a road trip, meeting some amazing people and feeling alive — which are all the things i have missed the most during 2020. 
    so, thank you chloé zhao for reminding me that you can find strength and beauty within yourself even in the darkest times, all you need is to be grounded and giving yourself time to remember. 

  • The Metamorphosis of Birds

    The Metamorphosis of Birds


    i just can’t wrap my head around the fact that something as mesmerising, poetic and visually unique and pure exists and i could see it with my own two eyes.
    i’m completely in awe — every frame, every line, every detail is impressed in my memory vividly forever.
    it felt like catarina vasconcelos took me into one of isabel allende’s book; nature, family, love were the real character of this magical yet very realistic tale.
    courage and failure were deeply connected,…

  • My Own Private Idaho

    My Own Private Idaho


    i believe in river phoenix and keanu reeves virgo soulmates supremacy

  • Never Rarely Sometimes Always

    Never Rarely Sometimes Always


    a silent and intimate piece of cinema which shows the everyday world exactly as it is: a careless and inhospitable place for women.

  • Tenet



    head full literally zero thoughts... but GOOD FOR YOU elizabeth debicki! GOOD FOR YOU!

  • Bad Tales

    Bad Tales


    se dopo un giorno intero non hai mai smesso di pensarci, allora ha colto nel segno.

    rappresentazione esteticamente perfetta di una realtà imperfetta — inesorabile e famelica, che prima o poi ci divora tutti.

  • Skate Kitchen

    Skate Kitchen


    this movie hits differently bro... i’d literally kill to live in it and that’s the only thing i’m gonna say

  • Dunkirk



    what does it say about me that this is one of my comfort movies?

  • Frances Ha

    Frances Ha


    noah and greta please write my way into adulthood too

  • The Half of It

    The Half of It


    me @ this movie: go girl give us nothing!!!

  • Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kiki's Delivery Service


    okay this is the probably the softest movie i’ve ever seen