Tenet ★★★★★

after a second revelatory viewing i gotta admit this is quite the cinematic achievement on par with maybe “mad max: fury road” or “titanic”. so cleverly layered with clues only to be noticed upon repeated viewings. not only my favorite nolan but one of my favorites ever. never been so enthralled or inspired to look back at what i just witnessed. a simple conversation about diet coke versus soda water means a completely different thing a second time. just amazing. 

in the beginning, we’re told by clémence poésy’s barbara “don’t try and understand it. feel it.” listen to her and just experience it all. but then like the “temporal pincer moment” go back and watch it again with the knowledge you now have and you’ll understand it. 

a masterwork. 

if you can, watch this in a dolby cinema.

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