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  • The Unholy

    The Unholy


    Pretty unoriginal, the plot and story was overused, nothing overly interesting however it was good to be back in a cinema and I had a fun time with my friends :)

  • The Ritual

    The Ritual


    Fulfilled my expectations just about right. Certain shots of this film were amazing, I was a big fan of the cinematography one of the best I have seen. Good plot, story and directing work. The film kept me engaged throughout but the final minutes and the ending could have been made more interesting and surprising. Otherwise a good horror film somewhere around the level of Midsommar in my opinion, maybe better?

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  • Us



    Great horror film, the ending had me shook. The more you research about this film the more mind-blown you will be, there are so many easter eggs a lot of people don't catch. This is also why I respect Jordan Peele a lot. His work is always amazing and always has a deeper/hidden meaning to it. Btw Gabe is one of the coolest characters ever lmao

  • Minari



    So beautiful. I really felt a strong emotional connection towards this film because of how amazing the acting, cinematography, scenery, story and humor was. This story isn't neccessarily outstanding but how the characters are portrayed and what happens all seems so real that you actually feel for them. This is probably one of the most wholesome movies I have ever watched. It kept me smiling throughout most of the film. Amazing a24 film, I loved this film so much.