Jaws ★★★½

I appreciate Jaws more than like it. There are, of course, loads of great things about it: the tension, the terror and many of the actors, particularly Roy Scheider, Murray Hamilton and Robert Shaw.

I’m not massively keen on Richard Dreyfuss in this; his character’s an annoying jerk – and Lorraine Gary is a terrible actor.

I prefer the first half of the film much more than the second, during which time it turns into a seafaring adventure, which just doesn’t interest me. That said, Robert Shaw makes it all bearable.

For me, this is peak Steven Spielberg, before he started getting a hard-on for over-sentimentality and a sense of wonder. Oh, and John Williams' main theme is brilliant, of course, but I’m not particularly sold on some of the other stuff he comes up with, particularly when the action transfers to the Orca.

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