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  • The Looming Storm

    The Looming Storm


    Amazing atmosphere. Cloudy. Ceaseless rain.

    Beautiful wide shots. Slow, dreamy pace but never failed to enrapture me. Excellent color palette.

    Awesome characters and acting.

    Really excellent music.

    But I must say, in the latter half, the plot really lost me. I'm going to search the web for some answers as to what happened.

    But this film really moved me.

  • Battle at Big Rock

    Battle at Big Rock


    The worst acting and writing I've seen in my life.

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  • Ran



    Achingly beautiful, breathtakingly majestic film. Extraordinary story. Unbelievable visuals. A incredible sea of colors.

    And that final death. Incredible. Possibly the best death in the history of cinema?

    I do have to say, the old crazy man got very annoying after a while. Perhaps a better actor would've made him more palatable. I liked Nakadai in High and Low, but I guess that was an exception to his general style.

  • The Incident

    The Incident


    One of the greatest movies I've ever seen.

    Just so gritty. The acting by Martin Sheen and especially Tony Musante is just unbelievable.

    The black character was fantastic.

    A super interesting movie that can be interpreted in many way....hmm.....