Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★

Are there some good jokes in this?

Sure, there are some solid jokes in this. But the ratio of good to bad is way off and there are way too many freaking jokes in the first place. It's as if people are afraid to be sincere in movies nowadays, so any moment of drama or heart immediately has to be cut through with a lame, one note joke from a side character who basically exists to tell that one joke.

And I hate that. I hate that so much.

The side characters in this are literally just one note joke spouting machines with almost zero depth to them. What makes it worse is that some of the jokes are painfully lazy yet you still have to see them repeated over and over throughout the film. Also the villain had almost zero depth and his powers get over explained to the point where they end up poking holes in their own logic.

If this is the future of Spider-Man then I'm sad. Say what you want about The Amazing Spider-Man movies but at least they took themselves more serious than this and actually had some form of style. This is just a bland, soulless mass. It doesn't even take enough risks to fail like they did. It just tries to plays it safe so the fact that it fails is even more frustrating.

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