Mamma Mia! ★★★★½

Loved it!

I’m slightly shocked that I liked this one at all. Always hated ABBA. Don’t care for musicals (except Grease and Rocky Horror, obviously) and I’m usually a bit down on gimmicks. I fucking loved every minute though because it’s just so warm hearted. Every character in this film is motivated by love and empathy. It’s delightful. 

Also, listening to these 40-year-old pop songs with new context allowed me to finally hear the joy and talent that everyone raves about. The songs are great. I’ve been wrong. For my whole life.

It’s not a 5 star film though. There’s a lot wrong with the cinematography. Some scenes are so overblown you can barely see the actors, and the camera frequently flies around and around, sometimes facing the sun and sometimes the shadow, with focus coming and going and lens flares flickering everywhere. I don’t care. The Greek islands are beautiful and romantic; the cast is spectacular, the story is simple and wholesome and beautiful, and the subplots are warm and kind and full of real friendship and heart.