The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ½

To write a real review for this movie - to make a movie where the whole plot is "two guys lose their sanity" is just absolutely boring. Especially with the need to put on subtitles since they're not speaking clearly or mumbling the whole time so it's easy to miss "plot" points. This whole movie suffers from the same exact problem Hereditary does, but just much worse. You're just waiting and begging for something to happen.

Otherwise I'm just bored out of my mind watching what feels like pretentious art student film. Every bit of the mythological references mean nothing to me when the rest of the film hardly has a story to follow. It's just thrown in there and people talk about it like it's such an amazing thing to add. Well. It's not. It doesn't matter if things were well thought out in this film during the making of it, the final product is messy, hard to follow, and just boring as shit.

A scene with Robert Pattinson jerking off to a mermaid should not be one of the most interesting things to happen in this movie.

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