Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

I first watched Lady Bird with my two younger sisters and today I watched Lady Bird with my four oldest friends. For this Zoom movie night (take three!), our original plan was to watch Columbus because we all adore Haley Lu Richardson, but the plan changed when Kanopy started acting up. We ended up on Lady Bird on Prime because my friends wanted to know why everyone was obsessed with Timothee Chalamet. Well, I don't think Lady Bird turned them into superfans, but they did love his hair. Lady Bird is one of those movies that I felt came at the right time and the right place in my life. I was feeling a little more sad than usual around that time and I am currently feeling a little more sad than usual, but now I am feeling a little less sad than before. Sharing Lady Bird to my friends and hoping they will like the movie too was daunting at first, but seeing their smiles and their tears made the experience better.

I don't think I will ever write a proper review for Lady Bird, but here are some of the scenes and dialogue that resonated with my friends and I with minor spoilers:
1. The scene where Lady Bird gets into UC Davis was particularly funny to us. A couple of us go to UC Davis and a couple of us go to UC Berkeley and we always get a laugh out of our schools' reputations.
2. The scene where Christine gets asked where she is from was all too relatable. We are from the Bay Area, but we don't even try anymore whenever people ask us where we are from. We never hesitate to say San Francisco. It's easier that way.
3. The scene where Christine calls her mom with scenes of Sacramento in the background was a reminder for us that we love our hometown and all its mundanities. Perhaps my favorite thing about Lady Bird is the thesis itself, that love is attention.

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