Satantango ★★★★

Cows roam freely almost as if their fate is predestined.

The sound of bells awakens a bad dream. Greed and deceit lurk underneath and are only exposed at the right place and at the right time. Even then, information is revealed in pieces that different people hold. And true opinions are always kept to the self. There is power in knowing how the pieces fit together. Order is very scary after all.

Time stands still. People move in the same rhythm, walking on long paths, dancing to the same beat. But, more often than not, people are not moving at all. Maybe a couple of drinks to numb the pain away. And maybe an affair to satisfy base instincts. But, people are not moving at all. A girl stares at the people from through a window with the new knowledge that age does not bring clarity.

The promise of direction manipulates a collective. When people are desolate without repair, they will grasp at anything that reaffirms the path they are taking. The human ability to hope despite the desolation keeps people entrapped by their own spider webs bowing down to what appears to be order, but is instead a ploy to prevent true freedom. Everything is connected and yet everything is not.

The same bells from the start unlike the persistent pitter-patter of the rain or the tenacious ticking of a clock demand to be controlled and stopped. The same cows from the start are not seen again. The same people from the start are still plodding and plodding and plodding along.

People roam aimlessly, instead of freely, because their fate was never predestined.

What do people do now?

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