The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★

Is The Nice Guys a comedy, an action movie, or a mystery? The correct answer is all of the above, but that is the very reason why The Nice Guys feels unfocused. I didn't find the humor to be that funny. I saw inklings of some darker comedic elements, but the movie never commits fully (an In Bruges like moment wasted?). I'm not a big fan of action movies and this didn't do anything to convince me otherwise. The most disappointing part, however, was that the mystery didn't pan out into anything great. I love piecing together details to figure out the bigger picture, but the writing is not clever enough to make the mystery fulfilling.

Despite all my qualms in the first paragraph, none of that matters. The Nice Guys is a movie that I let wash over me and I suggest you all do the same. Russel Crowe as Healy and Ryan Gosling as March have a special dynamic, both with deep insecurities that never define who they are. Gosling, in particular, has the comedic timing nailed down, always giving the right reaction at the right moment. Angourie Rice as Holly March, however, is definitely the highlight of the movie. As the run time progresses, Holly softens the hearts of Healy and March with her niceness and that's just nice to see. I love movies with an unrelenting sense of optimism and The Nice Guys has filled that void today. A little bit obvious in the message? Sure, but that's okay with me.

Thank you kathryn for the recommendation. I didn't watch that many movies this week due to life getting in the way and stuff (isn't that always the case?), but this was the perfect movie to put on to relax for a bit. And I'll be sure to watch this with my little brother when he is a little bit older. We love detective shows, so this is right up our alley, plus the humor is probably more in line with his than mines.

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