Spotlight ★★★★★

The story that shook the world to its core. How could these God's "servants" do such heinous things to children, and the worst part is that those who have experienced it have no one to turn to because the priests are the perpetrators to begin with. The church, some of whom may also believe in, has many followers and the power to influence.

There's already the story, that's given. But McCarthy's Spotlight made the delivery compelling and the execution masterly, making it flawless in every way. From the dynamic performances of the ensemble cast down to Shore's thematically composed score, the exposé becomes more and more puissant and sombre.

Spotlight (2015) becomes both a triumph of journalism and a haunting trauma at the same time.

"The weird things is I think I figured one day I would actually go back [to church]. I was holding on to that. [Then] I read all those letters, and something just cracked. It's a sh**ty feeling."

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