Favorite films

  • El escuadrón del pánico
  • A Matter of Time
  • Las amigas
  • The Neon Bible

Recent activity

  • Silent Hill


  • The Black Dahlia


  • The Empty Man


  • Ghosts of Mars


Recent reviews

  • Bus Riley's Back in Town

    Bus Riley's Back in Town


    Idling, discontented, soft-spoken nonsense. Often unsure of itself, or where it'll end up. Meander around town, maybe something better will come along. It'd be self-defeating to explain it further. Refreshingly uncomplicated.

  • Lola



    I was not expecting this La Ronde of lonely hearts at all, temporal overlaps and chance coincidences, bringing alone people together only to separate them again, pair them off in new pairs, holding on to a moment and breathing in its joys and sorrows, before the inevitable release - the dream ends for one, but we're always leaving. You can't live for another, but by loving there's a reason to live. Repeating experiences, circumstances unoriginal but emotions always organic, not…

Popular reviews

  • Twilight



    Great showcase for the darker side of the favorites, "Entre la belleza y el crimen", the gleeful amorality that consumes the intellectual when suddenly enraptured by a past now returned - sinning comes easy when the lust is mutual. There's no Hays Code-isms here, and the adulteress won't get her comeuppance. The husband is an inconvenience, but it is manageable... were it not for the overwhelming torture that moral and societal restraints inflict upon him, and wherein evil seduces itself into the subconscious, and by then it is too late - you are no longer in control.

  • Lounge Chair

    Lounge Chair

    Screwball entanglements in an alienating paradise, a frothy cobweb of romantic tangents going nowhere but back to collective disconnect - yet what joyous summer days these are. Two women and an indecisive man live under the same chaste roof, emotions vaguely suppressed under a veneer of flirty aloofness. A crisis of conscience gives the man a purpose: marriage on a deadline, he just needs to find ‘her.’ His ignored roommate agrees to help, and so the private eye begins paying…