Tenet ★★★

Devoid of emotion, lacking in relatability, unnecessarily complicated. Too much for it's own good in fact. A rather self absorbed, hand-holdy experience that is trying so hard to be as convoluted as possible. Sorry Noley

Wow that sounded incredibly mean!

It's pretty much been established at this point that in order for Nolan's insane scripts to be translated into film form he needs to rely on every minute of the film to possibly have it drop heavy exposition on the viewer in case of any confusion. Little does he know that the time used to explain his madness on screen is quite simply not enough. To make us feel a sense of belonging in the film we needed at least another half an hour for it to properly establish the plot of inversion and it's rules within that world, Instead of it incessantly moving on to scene after scene after scene - vaguely explaining the unexplainable as they go further into the story.

Sound technician: How would you like the gunshots to sound?

Nolan: You ever had a flashbang go off next to your head?

Seriously though, the dialogue is almost indecipherable and in most situations it's almost inaudible. What in the living fuck happened to the sound mix? Is this mildly intentional? Did Chris want to damage my hearing? It sure as shit bothered me throughout the entire run time. The soundtrack was impressive still and sound design seemed to be immaculate across the board too, I just don't understand why it fell short in terms of mixing. My experience was hurt badly by this, along with my poor ears.

It's a clear winner for his best attempt at paying homage to the spy genre. You can see it in The Protaganist's charisma and charm, even if you don't see much else it's still a great watch. Kenneth Branagh is a cool bad guy too, I just think his accent needed something more. I'm not sure what though.

I really really like Elizabeth Debicki in this, her emotions were felt in every stare and lost expression that lingered on in every scene. Dare I say the only emotional tether we get to relate to in this blank cheque of a film? I also see Robert Pattinson seeping more and more into the things I watch and it's oh so delightful to see it. His character Neil has even more charisma to go around and I loved it to bits.

The problem for Tenet lies within the plot and it's impossible writing. So much time watching it is spent decoding what a person just said on screen. It could be a whole scenes worth of dialogue or even the simplest of lines, everything is written like a riddle and it pisses me off but it intrigues the fuck out of me. By the time you have digested a fraction of it another has passed you by.

The editing can only be described as sporadic. Scenes would come and go by so quickly, failing to establish any sense of time. I swear our protagonist travels to Mumbai on 4 separate occasions just to have a single conversation each time he would go there.

The world that Nolan has created here is impressive, but for me (at least) it may have tried to push the boat out a little too far. I feel that I was delighted with some parts and extremely disapointed with others. We'll just have to wait for the rewatch to confirm where it resides among CN's other films. And regardless of the climate we're still in right now it's still great seeing a movie of this caliber doing something so daring with it's design. A story so original and bold, even if it didn't click with me as much as I thought it would.

Watched at Odeon in IMAX. Absolutely gorgeous.

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