Ingrid Goes West

Ingrid Goes West ★★★½

This was solid. I liked the upbeat tone playing over the dark subject matter, it fit really well. It's a dark comedy, it has themes about today's society and our obsession with technology, social media etc. Which was fine, it didn't come off as some grandpa complaining about the world, it seemed more like a character film. It's a sad character to follow, she goes through and does some crazy shit, obviously she has some issues, which was good because it added some depth to her character rather than just "crazy obsessive Instagram girl." It's alright, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the other characters, the cinematography/score were both fine, the Dan character was pretty cool, it's a pretty enjoyable film. I didn't see it so much as some complexed film that was sending a message, I mean, look at the ending. It's just a movie, and IIIIIIII liked it.

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