Captain Marvel ★★★½

Oh... my... god........

First of all, her hair. Second of all, her hair.

Things Carol Danvers does better than anyone else PERIOD: helmet inspired mohawk. You've never seen! Bless it! Amen! Honestly, Brie Larsons hair in general in this movie is revelatory. It's perfectly curly throughout the entire 2 hours. I even love the up-do during the flashbacks at the airport hangar. Her hair is the journey and the treasure. I literally can't stop thinking about it. Her super powers make her hair SHINE. Like can you even? You cannot, I cannot, Kree WOULD NEVER. It's unbelievable. If I were a skrull, I would literally just do the wig, cut it, and sell it on eBay. Make a couple mill. Damn!

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