• 2016: Obama's America

    2016: Obama's America

    Interesting how Romney isn’t mentioned once. Pretty obvious Dinesh wants a strongman to rally behind. A lot going on here but I dont care to get into it, pretty funny but not up to his galaxy brained best. Trump Card still his magnum opus.

  • Moneyball


    One of the great studio films of the 2010s. Miller interprets Sorkin’s script drastically differently than anyone else who has adapted his work. It is drawn out, pauses mean as much as words. Wally Pfister’s camera lingers and constantly shows the person and their representation (shadows or mirror images or the harsh contrast between light and dark) to show the two forces moving—one is regressive and corporate and rational, one irrational and passionate, shown through personality. This creates a complicated…

  • Smokin' Aces

    Smokin' Aces

    What a star studded cast. The ending is an interesting expression of nihilism, choosing to throw everything away because the nonfunctioning bureaucracy values nonsensical hope instead of holding any regard for human life. A lot of solid performances and coked up as fuck, reminds me a bit of Miike, though not quite as far.

  • Ghost in the Shell
  • Copshop


    great action, Carnahan is really the unsung action director of now. He really just wants to have a silly ol time and it isn’t hard to see how he and Grillo got fucked here by the studio. Still a really solid flick and Alexis Louder has a good future in front of here. Still, I wonder what this was supposed to be.

  • Apparition


    The film of hers I can see myself returning to the most, at least out of her first three films. I see the Cries and Whispers influence, but it’s very much its own thing. The curtain fluttering in frame near the beginning, the gorgeous black and white production design, the static oner of sobbing, the forcing of her politics into a world where it’s incredibly dangerous for her—this is why I will return. Beautiful.

  • Drill


    I didn't see Dril anywhere in this.

    Don't know how this was shot, is this a set? custom lens? Just a normal wide-to-fisheye? Really unsure. This type of stop motion is super interesting, really want to try it.

  • My Country, My Country

    My Country, My Country

    Dr. Riyadh was arrested several years after this. I'm amazed at the attitudes shown, almost the opposite of the US political process--everyone agrees what the issues are regarding the election, yet it is forced forward. Its illegitimacy is made obvious well in advance, yet it's a "tremendous success," according to the military leaders. Poitras is one of the bravest filmmakers around.

  • The Mummy's Dream

    The Mummy's Dream

    A difference between this and some of his other work is the cutting on non identical images—being close up is enough for transitioning smoothly.

  • To Catch a Thief

    To Catch a Thief

    Those scenes of opulence are pre-e-tty crazy

  • Lemon


    love the wall lighting moment. the light must be on a timer, yes?

  • It Happened One Night

    It Happened One Night

    clearly very patriarchal, but also pretty fun. don't think i've seen a clark gable movie before, he's very good.