• Confessions of a Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha

    Confessions of a Ex-Doofus-ItchyFooted Mutha


    Cant keep *corpus callosum off the brain when thinking about this, they feel very akin. Both aged formalists, one working and making some of the most significant work of the avant garde boom, the other the most easy American director to call New Wave. They both made the transition to digital and were immediately able to tell and explore the formal differences between film and digital in a way younger contemporaries couldnt. While mumblecore was taking off in austin, here is a master’s final work, left basically unnoticed.

  • Dune: Part Two

    Dune: Part Two


    If Villeneuve chose to focus on anything other than the result of his compositions, this probably wouldve been more watchable. Didnt see the first, but I didnt feel very lost. Sad to see the scale even felt off. Not even the sandworms felt big.  Zero charisma from anyone. Every line and silence is dragged out, every emotion coordinated by the score. the actors certainly couldnt be relied on to communicate much, just a twisted/nihilistic butchering of Bresson’s mannequin treatment of…

  • Bob Marley: One Love

    Bob Marley: One Love


    Couldve been worse!

  • Tenet



    Nice to finally see this in a theater. Loud, loud, loud! Final set piece is my main complaint, it’s a bit incoherent and Nolan doesnt handle crowds well. Love the pseudoscience and the buddy-buddy aspect. Some beautiful shooting. Love the score a lot! Way too long

  • The Langoliers

    The Langoliers


    A blast, i like the Extremely Intelligent king stand-in. A bit delirious watching this. Kept forgetting the title and calling the little guys gargoolians.

  • Losing Ground

    Losing Ground


    Could watch this endlessly. Love how the landscapes and representations of people find themselves manifest abstractly, but then are counterpointed by their actual existence in the shooting. Probably the most fun ive had watching this.

  • The Humanity Bureau

    The Humanity Bureau


    Very funny, deserves a spot on my “post trump neoliberal psychosis” list. I like that they gave the villain an eyepatch

  • To Have and Have Not

    To Have and Have Not



  • Bacall to Arms

    Bacall to Arms


    excruciating. most of the runtime there was some level of lunacy, and while it continually tried my patience, I kept thinking, "well, it can't get worse." and moment by moment, it really did get worse and worse. pretty bleak frankly

  • The End

    The End


    probably need to see again, a bit smooth brained tonight, but i liked the narration a lot, images recontextualized by the voice over and their repeated usage. the last part made it make sense to me, where i see myself die, the world end. though i occasionally worry about a nuclear death, i feel like if i transplanted myself to the '50s i would've been totally immobile with that kind of anxiety.

  • Madame Web

    Madame Web


    perfect camp. all the intentional jokes land with a thud, every straight line simply tickles.

    an ideal triple header:

    1. Hereafter

    2. Madame Web

    3. Dark Glasses

  • Honkytonk Man

    Honkytonk Man


    the "getting my nephew a prostitute" scene wasn't the best but a pretty fun movie! i liked the tunes, the relaxed pace and the beautiful, simple compositions