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  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    Pretty much a perfect horror movie. Great story, well acted, genuinely scary and really well made. It combines the best aspects of a few genres and pays homage to the greats without ripping them off. Any issues I had with the movie are minor, and not worth listing here - do yourself a favour and watch this film! 


    Day 19 of my 31 Days of Horror 2020

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  • The People Under the Stairs

    The People Under the Stairs


    You’ve really got to wonder what was going on inside Wes Cravens mind; he was one zany dude, that’s for sure! And although The People Under The Stairs isn’t his best work, it’s a fine example of just the sort of whacky, messed up ideas that were floating around in that brilliant skull. 

    Look, it’s not a scary film at all, but it is an entertaining and campy horror comedy nonetheless . It’s almost Rob Zombie-esque in parts, and the…

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  • [REC]



    Over the years I’ve become quite a fan of found footage horrors, and as such [REC] has been on my radar for awhile. Unfortunately I didn’t go into it without expectation as this has been talked about on the horror scene for years, and is a film I had intended to watch many times but had just never gotten around to. With the amount of hype built up around it, I did find it a little underwhelming - not exactly…

  • Midsommar



    It’s only when you watch a horror film shot almost entirely in the daytime that you realise just how much other movies within the genre rely on darkness. Midsommar is dazzlingly bright and colourful, and yet is by far the best horror film to hit screens this year. 

    Following the shocking death of her sister and parents, Dani (Florence Pugh) suffers from severe bouts of anxiety and depression. Her douchey boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) is only intermittently attentive, and is…