• Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

    Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny


    Without doubt a significant improvement on the Crystal Skull, for the most part Dial of Destiny succeeds at capturing the charm and overall feel of the original trilogy. Back to shooting in real world global locations with fewer hokey special effects than its predecessor this looks like an Indy movie, and for the first two thirds of the film it captures a lot of what I loved about the originals. This time around Indy is back to doing what he…

  • The Intern

    The Intern


    This is a pleasant enough movie where not much really happens, and it’s basically just two hours or Robert DeNiro being a nice old man and Anne Hathaway seeing what a nice old man he is. Then it just ends suddenly.

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  • Infinity Pool

    Infinity Pool


    Had I gone in with no expectations this probably would’ve be a 4.5 star movie, however I heard so many people raving about it that my expectations were high and as such I was left feeling just a little bit underwhelmed. Not to say I didn’t like it though, that’s far from the truth. This is without doubt a very good movie with excellent performances and stunning visuals. The premise is extremely unique and interesting and I love the world…

  • Bad Samaritan

    Bad Samaritan


    Bad Samaritan is a fun thriller with David Tennant showing what a great job he can do playing a deranged killer. As far as plot goes, it’s nothing special but it’s definitely an enjoyable watch.

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  • Zodiac



    I’m a big fan of David Fincher, as well as all three of the main leads in this movie and yet for years I put off watching it. I know a bit about the Zodiac killer and really couldn’t see how a movie could be made about the events that took place whilst still having a satisfactory ending. Thankfully I was completely wrong. Zodiac is a fantastic crime thriller that explores the mystery and frustration of trying to find an…

  • Mr. Brooks

    Mr. Brooks


    I’ve never been crazy about Kevin Costner, but there’s no denying his excellent performance in this dark thriller. An accomplished movie with plenty of twists and turns, and an original premise that makes it stand out from other serial killer flicks. I can’t help but feel like the final scene was tacked on as a more crowd pleasing ending rather than leaving the penultimate scene as the finale (which in my opinion would have been much better), but overall it’s a solid movie.

  • Influencer



    This movie is kinda silly but also a lot of fun. There’s not really anybody to like or root for, but it’s an enjoyable watch set in a beautiful part of the world.

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  • Red



    What I thought was going to be a small town John Wick turned out to be a wonderful yet somber story about a man who has lost everything seeking justice against those that have wronged him. Brian Cox is fantastic as always, and the young actors playing the brothers also do a really good job.

  • 7500



    A tense plane hijacking thriller with a strong performance from Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Taking place entirely in the cockpit of a commercial airliner, 7500 takes a simple format with a very small cast and delivers a gripping edge of your seat piece of cinema.

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  • A Good Person

    A Good Person


    A raw yet beautiful story of grief and addiction with excellent performances from Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman. The supporting cast also do a great job of portraying the complexities and emotions of dealing with addiction, loss, and working through the difficulties that life can throw at you.

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  • Project Wolf Hunting

    Project Wolf Hunting


    A cool, violent action movie with an interesting premise. Nothing groundbreaking but it’s certainly a fun watch, slightly let down by the open ending.

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  • Barbarian



    It’s not often I get the opportunity to go into a movie completely unaware of what it’s about, but thankfully that was the case with Barbarian. This is a film that doesn’t let on exactly which direction it’s heading in for quite some time, and that’s no bad thing. The characters are great, and there are some genuinely scary moments throughout, along with some interwoven social commentary. Once things really get moving, however, the originality is lost somewhat and the…