Anna ★★

Seen Atomic Blonde? Or Red Sparrow? Or even Besson's many other female led spy flicks? Well, then you've pretty much seen Anna. Except that Anna is only a somewhat decent thriller that is unfortunately not the scalpel it tries to be. Anna doesn't bring anything new to the genre, action isn't exactly inventive or all that intense, save for one restaurant sequence whose best parts were already shown in a trailer. The film isn't nearly as clever as it thinks it is and all the time jumps really hamper the film more than it helps - some editing choices are downright horrible. There are shades of Red Sparrow to Anna but Red Sparrow at least manages some tension and urgency, none of which Anna delivers. Sasha Luss was a pleasant surprise, and her first scene with Cillian Murphy, damn their gorgeous blue eyes. A shame those gorgeous blues are wasted on such a bland film.

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