Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★

After Marvel delivered with Endgame, going back to more of the same with Far From Home kinda left me wanting. Don't get me wrong though, FFH is cute and enjoyable but the safeness of this is groan worthy. The teen romance subplot was cheesy and was a little needless imo, most jokes were overblown, and the film feels surprisingly ineffectual. The film teases some really interesting ideas and plot points with Mysterio but barely goes anywhere with them - and I really wished they'd dive into these themes - but I'm also honestly surprised at how well Mysterio was handled. The character allowed for some really cool sequences, probably among the best in the MCU. Gyllenhaal's performance was arresting and I kinda feel like Mysterio is the comic book version of Louis Bloom. Watts' seems to be more assured behind the camera this time around, camera movement around action scenes are fluid and clear. Absolutely adored the mid-credits scene for that one cameo. FFH doesn't nearly deal with the post-Endgame events in a manner that feels like it matters, there are strokes of greatness in the film but not nearly enough for it to be a home run for me.

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