Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★½

Right…let’s finally do this! 

I’ve put off doing this review because people are really defending this film and I can’t be arsed with that honestly but…I have to speak on this. 

Let’s get this out the way, the plotting of this film is good. I love those kinda meandering films where things just happen and look gorgeous. And believe me, Licorice Pizza looks stunning! PTA really made this era of LA seem warm, adventurous and exciting while also showing how utterly garbage it was at the same time! 

That being said…I was horrifically uncomfortable throughout this entire film. Not through anything intentional, through the horrendous age gap in this movie. And while yes, you can have films with characters in the lead doing something wrong or bad…but not when it’s highly romanticised, especially when it comes to predatory behaviour. In my opinion, it was completely unnecessary and this kind of decision needs to be help accountable as it really ruined my experience of the film. I was meant to root for a 25 year old getting with a minor? Come on! 

I also in general found the character of Gary Valentine incredibly irritating but that’s just me. 

Didn’t love the recurring racist joke either. And don’t even try and say “it was to highlight what the 70s were like”…get fucked. It never actively showed those actions as wrong, the scenes were played out as jokes

Not for me and weirdly uncomfortable! I get some of y’all like it but my god…don’t die for this film please

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