The Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter ★★★

I liked The Lost Daughter but I’ll be honest…it lost me throughout its runtime. 

Right off the bat, let’s say it…Olivia Coleman was sublime. Incredible use of facial expressions and subtle acting movements that transport you into her brain in a realistic and believable way. Jessie Buckley is also good as ever and quickly is becoming an actress I feel safe with. 

The present day story is what connects with me and was the plot I felt most engaged with. The flashbacks start off being more sprinkles of development and sparks of exposition done relatively well but become much more prevalent and lengthy and take up chunks of the runtime which to me, really ruined its pacing! The flashbacks sometimes felt completely disconnected from what was happening part of the time which added to the nauseating feeling. 

It was good but ultimately, for me, not great

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