The Tragedy of Macbeth

The Tragedy of Macbeth ★★★★

My first cinema visit of 2022 is for a Shakespeare adaptation…start as you mean to go on I say! 

I’m a Shakespeare nut. I was a drama nerd at school so his plays are just insanely my shit and more than that, I’m a Macbeth stan! I believe it to be the greatest story ever told so any interpretation is quite honestly a joy for me. 

This is no exception.

Joel Coen manages to give the great great great great great great grandfather of storytelling moments of his flair which in a Shakespeare adaptation is highly applauded. Set in 4:3 give us that more cerebral viewpoint to witness the power struggle manifesting in Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The use of black and white allows us to watch the conflicting light and dark, good and evil and how it’s consumes them. The use of shadows as well is just marvellous. The set design as a whole is so fresh and “stagey” it felt like a play being filmed after the fact which I loved.

Frances McDormand was born for the part of Lady Macbeth and delivers it with power! Such a well mannered performance that I totally believed and she breathed doubt into where others play with a steely assuredness. (Her “To bed” monologue was thrilling)

Denzel takes his turn at the Scottish King and I loved his light and shade in his performance, his rare moments of anger were really great but I think I would’ve liked to see a bit more struggle with him, that being said he was on point.

But Kathryn Hunter steals the show as all three witches in the most interesting take I’ve seen. Creepy and scary while also humorous! A truly otherworldly performance! 

Set design is fabulous and the look of the film is incredible! 

Might do a Macbeth binge, I’m in the mood quite honestly

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