West Side Story

West Side Story ★★★★

To compete with the greatest movie musical of all time is a challenge and while I don’t think it best the original, this is one gorgeous movie. 

Gladly the moment no one wants to talk about is probably the weakest link of the whole film, just not up to par with the everything around them. Rachel Zeglar is STUNNING as Maria, born for the role with a voice to match! The set design is absolutely splendid, really felt that grime and disgusting lived in quality. 

Stephen Spielberg was the perfect choice for this, the film has this beautiful flow to it that completely entrances you! The style and artistic flair presented is unquestionably one of my favourite of the year. It’s gorgeous, the angles, the classic movie musical shots, the amazing colouring GOD I LOVED IT! 

The music and story are of course…what you know so of course it’s excellent!