• Eternals



    I will own loving this movie till my dying day!

    Eternals is my king shit…give me more of my favourite 7000 year old family

  • Scream



    No many film franchises give me as much enjoyment as the Scream movies! There’s something so god damn enjoyable about these movies and they hold a really special place in my heart! 

    And I’m so glad I can say, Scream (2022) is right up there with the best of them! 

    Taking aim on the current reboot era, or requel as they call them, Scream manages to give its traditional dose of meta movie commentary over a highly enjoyable slasher. The…

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point


    Took me by complete surprise and is a class act! 

    Tight 90 minute movie that doesn’t let up. Set on a Festive Dinner service at a fancy London restaurant, we follow Andy (played masterfully by Stephen Graham, one of the most reliable actors of the moment) and the rest of the staff at his restaurant. From KP’s, to head chefs, to punters and waiters we get to know everyone working hard and having their own little story! 

    The “gimmick” of…

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    Right…let’s finally do this! 

    I’ve put off doing this review because people are really defending this film and I can’t be arsed with that honestly but…I have to speak on this. 

    Let’s get this out the way, the plotting of this film is good. I love those kinda meandering films where things just happen and look gorgeous. And believe me, Licorice Pizza looks stunning! PTA really made this era of LA seem warm, adventurous and exciting while also showing how…

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    I liked The Lost Daughter but I’ll be honest…it lost me throughout its runtime. 

    Right off the bat, let’s say it…Olivia Coleman was sublime. Incredible use of facial expressions and subtle acting movements that transport you into her brain in a realistic and believable way. Jessie Buckley is also good as ever and quickly is becoming an actress I feel safe with. 

    The present day story is what connects with me and was the plot I felt most engaged with.…

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    My first cinema visit of 2022 is for a Shakespeare adaptation…start as you mean to go on I say! 

    I’m a Shakespeare nut. I was a drama nerd at school so his plays are just insanely my shit and more than that, I’m a Macbeth stan! I believe it to be the greatest story ever told so any interpretation is quite honestly a joy for me. 

    This is no exception.

    Joel Coen manages to give the great great great great…

  • The King's Man

    The King's Man


    I like the Kingsman universe. It’s fun, fast paced and full of energy! So a prequel about its origin seemed exciting but ended up annoyingly by the numbers. 

    The pacing is awful. And while Matthew Vaughan might be one of my favourite action directors, who adds a lot of kinetic energy to his sequences, those were few and far between here. 
    The idea of Kingsman shaping history is fun but this didn’t pull it off for me. 

    I don’t think…

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up

    Don’t Look Up is a film that wants to cover a lot of beats but kinda fails at most. Like it’s not enough to be about how governments don’t have our interests at heart we have to also slam into the rich elite which like, yeah of course they deserve it but have one focus! 

    It felt long, preachy and surprisingly unfunny…then I realised I was halfway through 

    Ending goes kinda hard and is quite lovely, but it made me want to make my own thing…

  • Hawkeye



    Give me one good reason this couldn’t be a competent 2 hour flick instead of a 4 and a half hour tv show! It’s not like the Marvel name can’t sell anything, people would’ve seen a HAWKEYE movie, I’m sure.

    It’s okay, it felt better watching it in the moment. Had good moments like the trick arrows, the very intimate moments with Kate and Clint, Kate and Yelena, Echo’s storyline…I loved that stuff! Any time Kate was in screen it was infinitely better but on the whole…a little bit of a miss for me

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home



    I think you’d be hard pressed to find a person alive who hasn’t been effected by Spider-Man in some way, from the cartoons and comics to the original movies, the remake and now the remake remake…he’s been a cultural touchstone for almost everyone, and No Way Home is a celebration of this amazing character!

    Over the last 24 hours, the second thing I’m always thinking about is No Way Home. The highs,…

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Imma need a minute before I can fully put this down as letters and numbers but as you would expect…I loved it

  • West Side Story

    West Side Story


    To compete with the greatest movie musical of all time is a challenge and while I don’t think it best the original, this is one gorgeous movie. 

    Gladly the moment no one wants to talk about is probably the weakest link of the whole film, just not up to par with the everything around them. Rachel Zeglar is STUNNING as Maria, born for the role with a voice to match! The set design is absolutely splendid, really felt that grime…