Lightyear ★★

I'm disappointed and actually frustrated at Disney for not knowing their own stuff. Buzz Lightyear is a very iconic character who has an entire animated TV series about him and his space adventures but they disregarded it completely. Emperor Zurg is a very iconic villain but because of Disney's new philosophy of evil not even existing, all Disney villains have been wiped out of the face of the earth and Zurg is no exception. Many plot choices that I didn't like and didn't agree with. Not even the epic space adventure this should have been. Very fun and exciting new characters but it sadly suffers from bad writing and even worse plot choices and twists. Sadly Buzz Lightyear suffers the passing of time and so unfortunately he doesn't get the movie he deserved. Nothing in this movie would have been so exciting for a young Andy to even get a toy "Lightyear" and that's how we know that this movie has failed. Disney should let old franchises rest and try and create original content from scratch.

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