Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★★

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I love everything about this film. This time I particularly loved:
- The plotting. The crime makes sense, as does how it all falls apart.
- The performances. Every single performer is completely believable in their role.
- The deep colors, particularly the red of Grace Kelly's dress and those threatening green curtains.
- The way it takes place virtually all in one space yet never suffers from claustrophobia.
- The way Grace Kelly's is dressed. White for her husband, red for her lover.
- The canted angles.
- How our allegiances change. At first you want Milland to get away with it, then of course you don't want Kelly to die, then Williams is so engaging as the Inspector that allegiances change to him.

One of Hitchcock's best, and although it is well respected, it may actually be underappreciated.

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