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This review may contain spoilers.

Part of my ongoing quest to randomly draw and watch all 23 James Bond canon films leading up to the release of 'Spectre'.

Entry #13 'Skyfall':

Cold Open – Amazing. The stunts are fantastic (the motorcycles especially) and the severe tension provides a real sense of danger. It is successful in establishing both the importance of the MacGuffin, and the interplay between Bond and M that follows. (4.5/5 high rise dives)

Titles – The song is great, and the interesting and traditional visuals nicely foreshadow without giving anything away. (4/5 shadow shots)

Primary Villain – Raoul Silva is an interesting villain. He's an equal to Bond and M, he has a legitimate motivation for revenge, and he is both psychotic and grotesque. (4.5/5 wigs)

Evil Plot – Silva blames M for his capture, torture and imprisonment by the Chinese and plots to destroy her reputation, career, and life. A refreshing change from typical world domination plots. (3.5/5 terrorist organization infiltrators)

Female Lead – Refreshingly M. She is stubborn, calculated, smart, a good agent, and ultimately caring. A fantastic sendoff for Judi Dench. (4/5 British bulldogs)

Racism Level – Zero.

Best Action Sequence – The skyscraper brawl. The perfectly shot series of scenes looks fantastic in the neon light and darkness, and the hand-to-hand combat plays very well against the Singapore backdrop.

Worst Action Sequence – Casino fight. It isn't terrible, but I don't need Bond to fall in another pit of monsters. Jumping off of the Komodo dragon to get out of the pit may flush memories of 'Live and Let Die', but it doesn't fit this film's tone.

Worst Moment – Komodo dragons. They are unnecessary and look like shit.

Implied Intercourse Sessions – Unnamed Island girl + Severine = 2

'Skyfall' works as a spy film, action film, revenge film, and siege film. It does a good job at taking relatively small stakes (for a Bond film), and blowing them up on a grander scale. So easily digestible, this film is fun to watch, has the just the right amount of humor, and is the best looking Bond film ever.

This column will return with ‘Quantum of Solace’.

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