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This review may contain spoilers.

Horror Movie Madness #6: Scream 2 (1997; director Wes Craven)

For some people, Scream 2 might be even better than the first. I can see why. Personally, I enjoy the first and even the fourth one a little bit more, but I still think this is a really solid film. Its a gleeful deconstruction of horror sequels that never falls into the trap that I think most of them fall into.

.....but, this is where I go into spoiler territory.

If I had any real major problem with this film, it is how it handles the reveal of the antagonists. With the first film, I could predict that the killer was Billy and/or Stu but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be someone else like Randy or Dewey. With this movie though, it was PAINFULLY obvious that Laurie Metcalf was the real villain! You can tell from the second time she's on screen that she was Ghostface. Even when Ghostface unmasked himself and revealed to be Micky, I wasn't fooled for a second. It was WAY to weak of a reveal. Big surprise (not in the slightest), it was Metcalf.

Spoiler over.

Scream 2 is definitely a worthy sequel to a iconic meta horror flick. I can tell Wes Craven was having fun making this, especially when we got to any scene involving a stage.

Scream 2 may not be my favorite installment, but it still has all the clever kills and meta humor that I love out of this franchise.

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