Parasite ★★★★★

This film leaves me speechless, but I’ll try. This film starts off pretty cute, relaxed family living in a basement and trying to do their best. As the runtime goes on, you start noticing what “Parasite” really means. This family injected themselves into this rich family in order to profit for themselves and jeopardising the rich family, even though they didn’t ask for anything. 

Once you start, you gotta keep going. Don’t lose your momentum, if you do, you’ll crash.

It’s really good, but I got so tired of reading them subtitles. Anything for Bong Joon-Ho.

*EDIT: Speaking of suspense! — I usually talk about how suspenseful the last 10 or 20 minutes of a film is, but this one stretches to the whole next 50 or 40 minutes. Ever since it hits the 1 hour mark it starts to get really weird and trippy.
The cinematography makes it seem like anything could be part of a loading screen in a video game. It's made to seem like that, just look at the people sitting in cars, they're barely moving and the lighting behind them just looks perfect. Cinema. Cinema.

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