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  • All About Eve
  • Black Sunday
  • Forbidden Planet
  • The Night of the Hunter

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  • Elvis


  • Blow Up of Blow-Up


  • Asparagus


  • Becky Sharp


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  • Elvis



    Great movie, but way too long and thoroughly exhausting. I feel like I just finished a six week engagement at the Las Vegas Hilton.

  • Flesh Feast

    Flesh Feast


    This is a very sad ending to the glorious film career of Veronica Lake, one of the most iconic actresses of the cinema of the 1940's. Miss Lake plays a mad scientist who is doing weird experiments with maggots. Yes, you read that correctly. We're not talking about a stylish B & W Film Noir from Paramount Pictures here. No slinky, sexy outfits or peek-a-boo bangs, either. Just maggots. And it gets worse, because there's an evil Nazi plot to revive…

Popular reviews

  • Our Dancing Daughters

    Our Dancing Daughters


    Joan Crawford achieved major stardom with her portrayal of "Dangerous" Diana Medford, the wild jazz age flapper with the decent, honest heart, in this silent classic. Miss Crawford's dancing may not hold up very well for some modern viewers, but she gives a solid dramatic performance, dressed in high fashion and existing in an Art Deco fantasy world. The film was made during the last days of the silents and has a musical soundtrack that includes a few lines of…

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    I hereby predict that this very strange little movie will become a cult phenomenon with all of its faithful devotees dressing up in white sheets whenever they venture out to see it.

    Quiet, introspective, exercise in existential angst. And, dare I say it, haunting. Well worth seeing, if, for no other reason, that there is simply nothing else like it.