Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★½

If the current American Godzilla is the GOODzilla (as in he's rather nice) then it is appropriate that this new Japanese Godzilla is the badest mother fucker ever. There is so much I love about this movie.

I still think that the best Godzilla design is the one used in the Heisei period, but the best Godzilla himself is from 2014s Godzilla (as in it actually looks like a living creature and not a suit). Shin Godzilla comes close but there is something about those dead unmoving eyes that destroy the illusion of Godzilla being life like. If it had not been for those eyes this Godzilla would have been perfect. What is great about this Godzilla design is that he looks like a freaking monster.

If I had to rank Godzilla by design it would be:
#1 Heisei
#2 Shin
#3 2014

If I had to rank how life like Godzilla looks it would be:
#1 2014
#2 Heisei
#3 Shin

I love how we actually get to see Godzilla mutate. The other movies always say Godzilla mutated but never really showed the transformation. Well, we don't get to see all of it. Godzilla shows up, mutates bigger and leaves. The next time we see him he's double the size we last saw him, but that we didn't get to see, which is a shame.

I love the callback (don't know if it was intentional) to earlier Godzilla films with Godzilla being defeated by essentially having jizz poured into his mouth.

The night scene when Godzilla turns Tokyo into a sea of flames is the highlight of the film but it creates problems later when the government is trying to stop Godzilla in the exact same place and it doesn't look like the previously mentioned scene had ever taken place.

Some of the shots look stunning and amazing but other times the effects made me think a sharknado was gonna come flying by. To clarify the suit-mation and puppeteering with enhanced CGI looks better than it ever has in a Godzilla flick but the scenes with real life photography that has been interlaced with CGI or thing that are just CGI could use some work, to say the least.

There is something about Godzilla that brings about Japanese patriotism. Most of the time Godzilla is actually about some people and not Godzilla himself. This is true for the 32nd Godzilla film as well. But here it's with intent rather than "we couldn't film nothing but men in giant rubber suits smashing buildings and hugging other men in giant rubber suits while intense music plays for 90 minutes". Here it's used to depict with excruciating detail how Japan deals with catastrophe. How Japan and people deals with Godzilla is more important than Godzilla (which is true for practically every Godzilla movie). Shin Godzilla really tries to explain that this is what would really happen if Godzilla came upon Japan's shore. This is a very interesting take on Godzilla since other Godzilla films tend to go something like this "send some tanks at it! Didn't work? Send some choppers! Didn't work? Let's find a monster! Have it kill Godzilla for us! Didn't work? Let's have aliens kidnap Godzilla!" (man, Godzilla is weird).

But do I like it more than the other Godzilla movies? I don't know. It's so different from them it's hard to tell. Which is why I made a list (flawless Segway).

Enjoyment Extracted: 7/10

Technical Execution: 6-8/10

Acting: 8/10

Subs: 7/10

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