Satantango ★★★★½

The howling wind is palpable. Rain dumps down from the heavens in great volumes. Dirt turns to mud. But that's just a taste of the harsh winter that's to come.

Satantango is cold. Not just normal cold, but the kind of cold that reaches down into your bones. The bleak natured film lasts for just over 7 hours, an eternity for a film, but for a lifetime, only a glimpse. Desolation is baked into every frame, the plodding approach allows for a new perspective to emerge. The experience is unlike anything else, it's incomparable.

There are a few moments like the barroom dance and the nightmare narration that dip into the transcendent, a truly rare feat. It evokes spirituality from the mundane. I'm completely blown away by what Bela Tarr can do with this medium.

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