Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★★½


Black Widow fucking RULES. This was 100% my kind of MCU flick. Some of the most sincere emotions & intimacy out of the ENTIRE MCU. A gripping 90s style spy action thriller w/ GREAT characters & powerful themes. All I’m gonna say is Moonraker Bond fans 😏

This will seriously go down as one of my absolute favorite entries in the franchise. The opening is unbelievable, the action exhilarating & expertly choreographed, and Cate Shortland quickly establishes herself as one of the MCU’s finest filmmakers.

The importance of Natasha’s legacy can’t be overstated & this film is that legacy manifest. A loving & powerful tribute to the heart of the Avengers. God damn do I wish this came out before Infinity War because it would’ve hit that much harder.

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