Eternals ★★½

Ambition ≠ A Good Movie

Eternals wasn’t for me. Love Zhao but it felt like her cerebral humanist drama was at odds with an expository convoluted script. It juggles so much & so many characters & unfortunately none of it feels fully formed. It’s a mess, but an ambitious one that I admire more than enjoy.

Look, I’ve never been one for this side of the Marvel comics, perhaps if you are you’ll find it more interesting, but nothing in the film made me care enough about it.

Cast is great, esp Barry Keoghan, love Gemma Chan, but man as essentially the protagonist, Cersei is a shell of a character. Jolie’s Thena has the most fascinating arc, but feels too detached & quickly resolved.

OH! and Kit Harrington might’ve stolen the whole film for me. I am ECSTATIC to see where they take him going forward!

It def is the most unique feeling MCU film, but still follows the formula. All that being said, I hope Marvel continues to grant auteurs opportunities like this & it’s the beginning of more big swings. Chloe’s incredible talent is all over this thing.

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