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  • MegaFault


    MegaFault, directed by David Michael Latt (2009), is a film about a super earthquake, the aftermath of the quakes, and the woman tasked with overseeing the minimizing the damage. The sacrifice of other characters while the main character and her family constantly escape danger with no consequences betrays the integrity of the direness of the situation. The emotions in this film were played up since the writing and effects were subpar at best. The acting was as good as is…

  • After Parkland

    After Parkland

    After Parkland, directed by Jake Lefferman and Emily Taguchi (2019), is a film about the aftermath of the Parkland, FL school shooting incident. Children and adults alike protesting for gun control as a substitute for those that they lost, to cope with their trauma, and to do anything they can to help avoid new instances of similar incidents. Those that survived try to hold themselves together as best as they can while repeatedly facing the locations that holds the memories…

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  • House Arrest

    House Arrest

    House Arrest, directed by Harry Winer (1996), is a film about a couple of kids, and a few additional kids later on, wanting to help their parents deal with their relationship problems but their plan ended up getting out of hand. It's a fun concept from the about how children would handle themselves if their parents weren't around/fixing problems caused by their parents in some way. It's a very 80's/90's type of family movie. I feel like there are more…