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Favorite films

  • Possession
  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

Recent activity

  • Clash

  • Mission: Impossible


  • Suicide Forest Village


  • Blind Woman's Curse


Recent reviews

  • Clash


    Dead cat half hour in. Turned it off. Wasn't feeling it anyway.

    Can movies just leave the animals alone?

  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    After 26 years I finally decided to pay close attention to the plot and DAMN this movie is a BOP.

    So much intrigue and deception and a great cast with wicked action. Also Brian de Palma manages to get one of his diopter shots in. So great.

    The movie is super confusing unless you really listen to what everyone says (or maybe I'm just a dumdum) but if you can follow the plot and twists it's super rewarding.


Popular reviews

  • Minnie and Moskowitz

    Minnie and Moskowitz


    Minnie and Moskowitz is a frustrating movie showcasing toxic relationships, abusive men, and the utter indifference of an aging woman fearing loneliness and mortality.

    Moskowitz is an irritating clown who seems to get off on antagonizing people. Overpowered by his emotions he claims he's in love with Minnie as soon as he meets her. Minnie has just been "dumped" from her "relationship" with a married man who beats her and then claims he loves her. Moskowitz, who "saves" Minnie from…

  • X



    X by Ti West is a super fun and slightly sleazy slasher film with plenty of homages to its predecessors.

    In 1979 Texas a ragtag group of filmmakers sets off to make a porno movie to end all porno movies. An artistic feat that will eclipse the new and burgeoning home video market. They start shooting their film in an old farmhouse owned by an odd old couple.

    This has an obvious Texas Chainsaw Massacre feel to it, at first,…