Eternals ★★★★

Well I guess this is the most polarizing film of the year so far so where do I fall on the spectrum? Well while I do understand the criticism, I think the amazing elements outweigh the flaws.

While I was a bit worried after the critic's reviews, I still thought I would really like it as I'm a huge fan of history and seeing these characters in different time periods would be fun. This definitely was the case and I loved the little easter eggs to real life events and myths. All the characters are at least good and most of them even great. I also loved the philosophical elements, a MCU movie that makes me think is a nice change for once. The visuals are absolutely stunning as well, many people have already said it but it indeed is the best looking MCU movie.

Well the main flaw for me is that it probably is too big for it's own good. It tries to do so much and while it exceeds in a whole lot, some elements should have had more attention and care. For example some character development feels slightly rushed as we don't completely see how they got there.

But in the end I loved all the ambition so it outweighs the flaws for me.

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