Promising Young Woman

normally, a scene where a guy does six lines of coke while talking about dfw would strike me as lazy writing.  in fact, a lot of what goes down with the horrible men in this movie is deeply unsurprising, predictable, clichéd - but these interactions are also unsurprising to cassie, who expects exactly what will happen, every time.  the movie masterfully places you with cassie, not even feeling horrified so much as satisfied that the scene went as expected. it’s a fine line to walk, and i think at times the script veers a little too much into telling you that Men Are Bad, but it mostly is able to do the delicate dance of expressionism that keeps the movie in slight surrealism. 

anyway, i liked it! maybe too angry for my taste, but i thought the directing/writing/acting was excellent. bo burnham is so charming until he’s not!