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This review may contain spoilers.

Along with “Dirty Harry” and “Bullitt,” “The French Connection” signaled the end of the traditional western and the rise of the urban western. I love the feel of this film - the handheld immediacy, the actual locations that look as though you could prick your finger on a rusty nail or hypodermic kneedle. Hackman is of course great and so is Scheider. Everyone loves the car chase, and it’s wondeful, but I get a kick out of the quieter cat-and-mouse game between Popeye and Alain at the subway station. The suspense of it, the wit.

It’s always struck me as odd that this film ends on a gunshot. An ambiguous and foreboding close to be sure, but then the end credit cards tell us what happened to the key players. Kinda undercuts the tension and uncertainty.