Midsommar ★★★★

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I don’t even know how to start this review. First just let me say that this type of movie is not my type of movie, I can appreciate this movie but it’s not what I would choose to watch. Ari Aster once again proves that he might be the greatest director working in horror today and for one main reason that he shows off here better than in Hereditary. Aster is great and making what is scariest about this movie what you aren’t seeing rather than what’s on screen. Florence Pugh gives an amazing performance here one of the three best I have seen so far this year. With all of that said the best thing about this movie in my opinion is the look. The cinematography, color correction, color pallet, production design. All of it, it looks spectacular and even just the background of the movie was grabbing my attention constantly. The editing is also immaculate, every cut was smooth and it made the dragging parts of this film a little better. Now for flaws, I do think that this movie sometimes is too pretentious for its own good and what I mean by that is, there are some scenes where it’s disturbing simply to be disturbing. That’s not what works for me personally. Also Midsommar doesn’t really fulfill its themes set up in the first act as well as I thought it would coming off of Hereditary which completed its themes fantastically. There is also some setup in the first twenty minutes that doesn’t really connect to the main narrative, it is mainly used as a device to make us care about the main character through this situation. All of the characters in fact kind of feel more like objects and less like people as they all except Florence Pugh really have one purpose and go into one type of character. So overall, while Midsommar was not completely for me I saw that coming and I know for a fact other people will enjoy it a lot more.

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