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This review may contain spoilers.

This still isn't gonna be organized or thought out but I'm doing a second review because I saw it twice anyway. Harry Styles blew me away. As someone that does nothing but consume Harry Styles in her day to day life, it genuinely shocked me how easy it was for me to dissociate Harry Styles from Alex. I thought it would be hard but his acting was so incredible that there wasn't a moment where I was like "That's Harry!" NO. That was Alex. And Alex was incredible. He was a scared young man in war that simultaneously just wanted to get home and avoid the inevitable negative homecoming he thinks he coming. So many people are talking about him like he's an evil character but I didn't find any of his actions unjustified. He, as well as the rest of the characters, was an amazing portrayal of a scared soldier in war. Lemme move on from him though. Tom GC was incredible, his character tugged at my heart. He was so caring and brave. Fionn didn't really do anything for me but I think that his character bounced around the other's (Alex) fairly well. Every other actor blew me away, I feel. Jack Lowden is now on the top of my list of who I want to climb. Tom Hardy gave an incredible performance. Barry, Mark, Aneurin were all incredible.

The score was incredible and forced viewers onto the edge of their seat. It caused an emotional reaction. It stressed me out.

The camera work was incredible as well. I felt like I was in the movie, I felt like I was experiencing this.

Seeing it in IMAX is a need. It's not an option. It's the only way to watch this movie.

I'm nothing but happy with this movie. It amazed me. It's Nolan's best in my opinion. It's going to sweep awards season. I can't wait.

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