The Killing ★★★★

Commonly cited as Kubrick's first professional endeavor, The Killing is an ingeniously crafted crime thriller about a group of men attempting to pull off a derby heist. This film uses a non-linear approach to its storytelling, very reminiscent of Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (which it inspired). In this, the narrative alternates between the different perspectives of the involved individuals. Events are told out of order in a series of flashbacks chronicling each step of the heist, offering insight into the contributions of each character. It's a creative method of storytelling, one that was remarkable at the time, and makes for a entertaining watch that still holds up today. Much like Reservoir Dogs, The Killing is a tightly paced film. Clocking in at a mere 85 minutes, there is next to no body fat in this, and the film never meanders in the slightest, not with its characters and not with its story. My only real gripe is that I wasn't crazy about the overbearing narration, otherwise, this is wonderful.

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