The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

A masterpiece! From the first 5 minutes I knew this would be an Epic. Robert Eggers is one of if not my favorite director working today. The Witch and The Lighthouse are two of my favorite movies ever and I'm happy to say that The Northman is continuing the perfect strike that this director is making. This movie is a brutal, visceral and intense revenge story with great acting and a savage soundtrack. Personally, the cinematography was perfect and some shots were just jaw-dropping (I remember saying wow out loud 4 times during the runtime). Beautiful landscapes accompanied with a soundtrack that reminded of my childhood. It flew by, so the pacing was on point, and the weird/horror side was also present, like the other films he made. I cannot reccomend this movie enough and I'm eager to watch it again, this time with my father who i'm sure will love every second of this beautifully crafted film.

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