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  • Memória Cubana

    Memória Cubana


    Good Brazilian documentary filmed in Cuba (together with great footage by Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry - ICAIC) and spoken in Spanish and Portuguese. It is about the weekly Latin American Newsreel produced by ICAIC and some documentaries ditected by its legendary filmmaker Santiago Álvarez. Besides segments of the films which cover some of the most important political events of the 60's and 70's (specifically about cold war conflicts, decolonial struggle and revolutions), the are fantastic stories told by interviewed former crew of ICAIC. Important both for thinking about politicla history and for knowing the history of cinema.

  • Lovers



    Interesting exercise, quite nice edition and concept. Besides a tribute to one of the most important theater plays, it is a work against all prejudices and in favor of love.

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  • 1994



    Netflix decided to waist time instead of making an important documentary. Important issue, nice footage, could be a nice documentary... but it is a horribly edited and unfocused piece that aims to make spectators waist their time instead of just telling well that important story. It is boring even for politics affictionates like me. They made interviews with important people, such as former president Carlos Salinas de Gortari and guerrilla spokesman Subcomandante Marcos, but they could not capture useful quotes, leading to nothing.

  • The German Doctor

    The German Doctor


    Very good drama thriller on hideous Nazi phisician/scientist in Argentina. Great atmosphere, impressive cinematography (the dolls were a brilliant and quite macabre choice!). Tension was reached without falling in melodrama. Characters are well and deeply developped, and all actors have a good performance.