i change my opinions on movies regularly

a huge Robert Pattinson and Adam Driver stan

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  • Tenet



    I loved this movie but Nolan is so terrible at writing female characters to the point there was more tension between the Protagonist and Robert Pattinson than him and Kat

  • Climax



    If this is your favourite movie you are either really pretentious or seriously mentally ill

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  • Vertigo



    Our English teacher said she doesn’t want to bother us with assigments anymore and just told us to watch any 20th century cult movie, preferably an Alfred Hitchcock one. Tell me your English teacher is this cool

    Glad I listened to her advice and finally watched a Hitchcock movie because he really is a master of his craft. So visually stunning with its vibrant colors and dolly zooms, and one of rare movies where the twists genuinely surprised me

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    racism = solved